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NFL Game Pass Europe that work

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Hi, since this year, the nfl game pass europe change and since the beginning of the season, it's horrible. Every week, the is a problem. We pay for something that doesn't work. We complain but, at he best, we get an automatic mail. They already gave excuses for the problem, but after 10 weeks, it's always the same technicals problems (lag, buffering, video not available ...) . 

The say they will refund us 20% of the price (i'm waiting of this refund since they told us and i saw nothing for now) but they don't fix the problem so we are paying (little less, it's true) for something that doesn't work. 

I ask you to sign this petition to tell the NFL, that if they care about another market for their championship, they must choose better the people that work them. For now, the best would be to go back to the NFL game pass of last year.

Sorry for my english, this is not my native language

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