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Bring Custom Teams And Expansion In Madden NFL

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We need NFL & EA to be customize! (Like the old days!) (Madden 04 - Madden 12).

First, Create A Team: With Custom Logos or even Upload Logos! You (Ex: Like you want college teams from Madden {In Franchise Mode} You Can Made A League of NCAA Football! And aslo download custom teams form the PS4/Switch/XB1 Community. (Similar To NBA 2K17)

Second, Create A Stadium: This Mode can revolutionise custom arenas & stadiums, Like Building Seats , Scoreboards , Turf & Lights. (And Upload or Download from the PS4/XB1/Switch)

Third, Create A Bowl: This Mode can let you customize The Super Bowl Game. (Like Download The Stadium or Upload) You Can Make Logo for the game , You Can Create A Intro For The Teams , & Customize A Trophy (oooo yeah#)

Fourth, Create A Sign: Like PS2 Version Of NCAA Football, You can put text or logos on the sign.

Fifth, Create A Fan: Like PS2 Version Of Madden 04 - 12, You can create a fan aswell :) (Ok Feature)

Sixth, Expansion Mode in Franchise Mode: This Idea Will Be Awesome! You can have 33 - 40 teams in this game, Like Expansion Draft similar to NBA 2K17.

Seventh, Made The Franchise Mode Last To 100+ Years: Don't Let The Series End To 20-50 years it's no fun :(, Last more can help Madden!

And Last, SportsCenter in Franchise Mode: This Made needs to similar as NFL 2K5 (Like Scores & Watch The Feature form the show)

Well Let's Hope EA & Madden can be better with Madden 18 or Madden 19.


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