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Hi everyone, I was lucky enough to discover GITS FA soon enough to enjoy its 1.0 version and to find my favorite combination (TOGUSA/MAVEN - SEBURO C30 <3 <3 <3). I even can consider myself a veteran because of my experience in the game. The thing is that I have been reading discussions and posts about "games-like-GITS FA" for awhile and I came to the sad conclusion that there wont be such game as GITS FA ever. People say about dirty bomb but honestly, no, I am the ones who think they arent the same, I tried Blacklight and I liked its mechanics but it was disappointing in the Pay-To-Win reality that the game has (imo). Plus, BR is practically dead. With barely 3 ongoing matches in EU. I was a loyal user to Nexon since I was young and discovered Combat Arms (which is gone to Valofe I believe). I really liked the game, but then I got bored of its cheap (but still enjoyable) combat effects. So I found GITS FA and I fell in loved. First, if you are the ones who think i am a cryboy who dislikes other games because of preference. Fine, but no need for comment.
The thing is that I found GITS FA a good (if not the best) game I have tried because to me it felt like a PS4 quality game but for a pc and for free. The mechanics, the graphics, the effects and the game modes were amazing. I never spent a penny and I never felt to need it, because then it gave you just crates, rare items and skins, but it never changed the game experience. We all loved the tension of defusing a bomb when there was barely 6 seconds left. I loved the theme, the cyberpunk maps (specially the latest version of neon ruins) and I loved how a customized weapon, a concrete skill and a personal tactic could make a difference in the game-result. Do not deny how epic it was to be the only survivor of your team in a Demoliton and kill the other entire team only relying on your skillsync and weapon choice. I believe these things can be found in other games, skills in one game, game modes in another one, mechanics and weapon customization in BR for example. But there is no such game that have all three as GITS did. I believe most of us disliked the loss of freedom that the 2.0 version/patch brought to us and as a consequence, most of us left. IMO, that was the whole point of the game, how it could reflect our gaming-personality through the combination of all these factors in the battle, and make a difference.
I have been searching for another game since GITS left. Something similar. But It saddens me that I am not in love with any other game as that. For sure it wasnt among the most populars but it had enough player-population for us to enjoy. I am sorry if you dont agree, but If i would leave a room and queue for another one, I would never go back to the same one I was. I would never play with the same player twice in a day if I left a room, so I believed that it had a good enough population to keep it alive and enjoyable. Now, this is just my idea, and I know that I belong to a strange minority. But I feel I will leave the pc games if I dont find anything as GITS, or perhaps I dont want anything else than GITS. So I am willing to beg NEXON, and contact PAPAYAPLAY and perhaps VALOFE to bring back to life GITS FA (version 1.0), but I would like to know if there is anyone else with me. Perhaps we all can sign THIS petition to get GITS FA 1.0 back to life. I dont care if the game doesnt change or doesnt develop with new maps, new weapons, etc. I just want it to be online to play it with the community it had then. And its freedom in character and weapon combination.

I ask You all old players of GITS-FA to sign this and bring back our tiny but cozy home called GHOST IN THE SHELL - FIRST ASSAULT (PATCH 1.0!). If not I fear I will hang my Steam-account, my mouse, and my pc-free-fps loyalty... forever.

Greetings to You all.

"You are the only one left, I am counting on you." - Chief Aramaki

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