Car free areas/resident permits and RPZ all day restrictions for local Newham residents

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Social housing tenants are finding out they live in a 'car free building' (no street parking outside where you live) in Newham, which also means they are not entitled to affordable parking, even after years of living in the area, in the same house/flat, and can't just move address because they will lose long term tenancies.

Some residents are not being properly included in consultation decisions regarding parking in their area or not being told by their landlord before they move in about the restrictions to park, impossible circumstances.

Living in a car free building/zone and not being allowed to park directly outside where you live is fine, but having to buy 'visitor permits' to park on a street around the corner or a few feet away from where they live is drastically affecting Newham residents (in canning town CT particularly which is being regenerated), this is also in other areas of Newham.

We are asking for fairer inclusive considerations for ALL Newham residents paying rates in the borough.  Life is becoming increasingly expensive in London and this is an extreme parking management system that has not been properly thought through for all.  Hitting Newham residents with extortionate ALL DAY/ALL WEEK parking restrictions and high visitor permit fees, affecting Newham residents daily living/working circumstances, for the worse financially.  

Restrictions to park even though you live in Newham, means paying for 'visitor permits' not 'resident permits' for 10 hours and 30 minutes Monday - Saturday (8am-6.30pm)!! £1000 a year, and residents still have to sit in their cars for 30 mins a day because the permit allowance per month isn't sufficient to cover 30 minutes of the day.  Some Newham residents who are entitled to usual 'resident parking permits', are paying either nothing or only £100 a year to park where they live, not £1000. 

Restrictions 8am-6.30pm Mon-Fri, without compromises affects every Newham resident, not just residents in 'car free developments':

- we either need less restricted hours bays i.e 10am-2pm (Mon-Fri) which is a system being used in some areas of Newham but not all, this will still deter people that don't live in the borough from parking long term.  But will be a more considerate system for Newham residents who unfortunately live in a car free building/zone, especially if they were not told by their landlords, giving them a lower number of hours to pay to park where they live and considers the fact that they actually reside, pay living costs and council tax in Newham.  This will also help costs for Newham residents who need to visit another street in Newham (a different RPZ code) more freely.


- if Newham insist residents living in 'car free buildings/zones' are not entitled to 'free resident permits', they should be entitled to an alternative permit system that is relative to a free resident permit, i.e £200 per year, NOT AN EXPENSIVE VISITORS PERMIT to park on roads in Newham.  A residents street might be a 'car free zone', this does effectively move traffic away from busy areas, but within a certain radious these Newham residents should have some entitlement to walking a little further to park, on other nearby streets where there are lots of available parking ALL day if needed, they are still Newham residents who need to depend on parking on Newham roads Mon-Fri.  Not be asked to buy over expensive ALL DAY visitor permits for themselves and their families, in many ways being excluded from being treated as a absolute Newham resident.

Example of unfairness for car free building Newham residents:

Residents not living in car free development/zone may own 3 vehicles within their household, and pay £200 per year and someone living in a  car free development who owns 1 vehicle, that needs to park on a street is being asked to pay £1000 per year to park, this isn't a fair system.  Its looking after some and not all.  As Newham residents we all pay tax, living costs and spend money in the borough.

This system of managing parking in Newham in theory is right - controls spaces pollution and congestion - but should be working in the interest of the residents that live there! its mechanics needs to be fought, creating a system that inclusively considers the majority and minority, affordable, a possibility for all, if you live in the borough, especially if you only own 1 vehicle.

Decision makers in the borough are treating this as a cash cow, and not listening to hard working Newham residents.  Join us against Newham residents paying £1000 a year to park in Newham, this is the start of something that isn't just and will only get worse for everyone eventually in Newham, if all resident voices are not heard and considered.

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