Help for Bottomless Pond cabin owners

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On Jan20 2018 there was severe flooding on the west coast of Newfoundland. Most damages were seen immediately after the flooding as with the hillside and road washouts around Bottomless Pond. But it wasn't until late May of 2018 that the exact instinct of the flooding was know. The pond rose to a height that nobody had ever seen and the 5 cabins and 2 converted school buses became flooded . Through out the summer of 2018 the cabins had about 3 feet of water in them , and come the fall of 2018 it rose to the eves of the cabins ,approximately 8 feet.  In June of 2019 the cabins began to float off their foundations as the pond reached 27 feet above the all time high water mark. 

The cabins were insured but the insurance will not cover overland flood on remote cottages. The cabin owners have looked at government for help, as the land was leased from government , but we get the same answer . There is nothing in Provincial  or federal emergency relief funding for secondary residents or cottages .

We would like to see how many people feel the way we do , and think that government should help the cabin owners with some type of compensation as the cabins are not salavagable  . If we had of build our cabins in know flood plains or where we weren't suppose to then we would not  be looking for help.