Get cameras on our school buses!

Get cameras on our school buses!

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I am starting this petition to help protect our children on our school buses. This is my families story of an incident that happened on the bus and without witnesses or video surveillance nothing came from it. I also want to make aware the importance of reporting any incident of abuse, bullying, etc. big or small to the school immediately. 

On January 28th, 2019, my 6 year old son got off his afternoon bus route to his grandparents house with a nasty bump and bruise on the left side of his head. When asked what had happened he began to explain how he had accidently slapped the bus driver on the hand with a toy that was attached to his lunch bag. At which he explained the bus driver had then snatched the lunch bag from his hand and threw it at him leaving a bump and bruise. Knowing he had a stocking hat there had to of been a lot of force behind the throw in order to leave such a bump and bruise. 

Immediately I contacted my child's school and within hours had a meeting with the bussing depot managers the next morning. They did their investigation and unfortunately their was no proof that the bus driver had did this. Unbelievable. I am very upset that this bus driver is back to his regular routine of driving our children to and from school while my child now has a fear to ride that bus and I have to make pick up arrangements for him at the school.

Something more needs to be done. If there were cameras on our buses we would not have this kind of issue. My son is not going to make up a story like this and no he is not confused about what happened as they suggested in the phone called I received to tell me the investigation was complete. I asked him days after again what happened and he showed me through demonstration and his story is exactly word for word the same every time. Unlike that of the bus drivers side that is completely unbelievable. 

Our children should feel safe on their school buses. Not scared. With cameras any incident can be proven and the correct actions taken. Please sign my petition so we can take action and stop these things from happening to our children. Right now I feel the only thing left I can do is make a change to our system and protect our children.

Thank You!