Stop Newcastle Council replacing Roundabouts with Traffic Lights

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Why oh Why is Newcastle upon Tyne Council replacing perfectly good Roundabouts with junctions with Traffic Lights?  These are at places like Hollywood Avenue (Asda), Four Lane Ends, let alone lots of smaller side roads.

The roundabouts worked perfectly well, but the Traffic Light junctions now cause HUGE delays in every direction !  It's stupidity - is the head of Road Planning an American, and doesn't understand how Roundabouts keep traffic moving?

The latest plan is to remove the double Roundabouts at South Gosforth - putting Traffic Lights at this multi-way junction will cause HUGE delays - We must get this stopped!

Even where there ARE still roundabouts, they keep insisting on putting Traffic Lights on them - I can see how they MAY help some directions get on during the Rush Hour, but why not turn them off 90% of the time, as all they do is cause unnecessary delays!

I can't help thinking this is all a ploy to deliberately cause more Congestion, to discourage Motorists from using their cars. But the Council is supposed to do what WE the public want, and these are OUR taxes they are spending.

At a time when the Council is supposed to be short of money, and have made huge cuts in things like Social Services, WHY are millions being wasted on these stupid road projects?!  This is OUR money they are wasting!

Please sign this Petition to STOP Newcastle Council replacing Roundabouts with delay causing Traffic Light Junctions. (and to re-instate the original Roundabouts)

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