Stop the Gentrification of The Ouseburn, Save the Little Buildings

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Our beloved Grassroots music venue will have to close in April 2019 as the Landlord has stated he is refurbishing the building and increasing the rent by 2.5 times. Our lease is finite which means we don't have a leg to stand on in that regard but having offered to renegotiate terms without renovation it was still the same cost. We are not wanted in this tiny 2 up 2 down 1920's house with no heating and very basic welfare opposite a scrap yard because ''it cries out for a Bar Restaurant or Solicitor's office'' so I was informed. Where exactly will new bands be able to play, where will they develop and move on to bigger venues that they have no chance of playing in until they gather a following. Where else in the city can bands play on a stage in front of 20 people and gain confidence? It is not just the Little Buildings that are at risk but others like us all over the country, it's time to stand up for our art, it's time to say no to be booted out of a great area after people like us and those before us have helped make it great. Help us raise awareness, help us produce the next raft of talent that our country is known for and help us save all our hard work that will amount to nothing but memories if it all comes to an end. Challenge the Gentrification.