Stop the 'aparthotel' being built in Ouseburn Valley - protect our live music!

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We have serious concerns about the impact a proposed 'aparthotel' on Maling Street will have on our live music scene, and the unique character of the Ouseburn Valley.

If approved, we have absolutely no doubt that this 18-bed hotel, to be located between two live music venues (The Tyne Bar and The Little Buildings), would result in noise complaints and have potentially serious consequences for either venue. 

1) The new hotel would stand barely 40 yards from our beer garden, which hosts live music in the summer, and 100 yards from Little Buildings venue and rehearsal rooms

2) We are not convinced that noise reduction measures being proposed will realistically be enough to insulate the hotel or its guests from the live music, and that complaints and restrictions against the two venues would follow

3) We have been on Maling Street for almost 25 years during which time the valley has changed beyond all recognition. We are in no way opposed to progress and new developments, so long as those new developments do not pose a threat to the very thing that makes the area so special

4) Inconsiderate property development around small music venues is a huge problem and a threat to the existence of grassroots venues all across the country, and we feel it would be a terrible tragedy if our music venues were to disappear at the expense of 'swanky' new developments jumping on to the Ouseburn bandwagon.

5) We call upon the local authority to recognise the social and cultural value of live music and live music venues in the Ouseburn Valley as key sites of artist and audience development, and as cultural and community assets, and to think carefully about the potential impact of any proposed property development that affects our existing live music spaces