Say NO to the Plans for Fenham Library

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We are against the plans to turn Fenham Library into a rehabilitation centre for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction. The library is an important facility within half a mile radius of 6 local schools, indeed it is on the doorstep of Sacred Heart RC Primary School and the girl's High School, in the very heart of our community.

While the authority insists the proposed recovery services will not pose a risk to the community, we disagree and feel this decision has been rushed and is being made solely on the grounds of affordability and the urgent need to spend the public health grant.

As a community we care deeply that everyone's needs are met and are very aware of what happens in our neighbourhood. Providing services for recovering addicts and their families is an essential service, but it shouldn't be prioritised over safeguarding other vulnerable members of our community, particularly our children.

Siting this new facility in Fenham Library raises many concerns and we firmly believe this is the wrong location, both for the community and for those needing to access the hub, who if local, would prefer anonymity and if not, would prefer an accessible service rather than one with poor transport links and no car park. We are very concerned about the safety and wellbeing of the young and elderly in the area once the new facility opens, particularly their ability to feel safe using the library independently.

Therefore we urge Newcastle City Council and particularly our ward councillors to reconsider the location of the new hub, to think about who they represent come polling day and to recommend a halt to the works on the building, while a thorough consultation, including risk and impact assessments is conducted.