Make Newcastle A Pesticide-Free City

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By using pesticides, such as glyphosate-based herbicides, on public land Newcastle City Council is exposing people and wildlife to harmful chemicals.

Glyphosate has been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, birth defects, diseases of the gut and kidney damage in humans.

This chemical also harms wildlife, which may experience the direct toxic effects of the herbicide, or be indirectly affected by changes to ecosystems or food resources.

If Newcastle City Council takes its responsibility to public health and the natural environment seriously, it must stop using toxic chemicals, such as glyphosate, and become a pesticide-free city.

Several major cities around the world have already stopped using harmful pesticides in parks and public places.

Newcastle City Council will only take this issue seriously if enough people call for action. 

Please sign the petition and add your voice to make Newcastle a pesticide-free city.