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It is a beautiful listed facility, one of the 11 remaining Victorian Turkish baths in England, with marble fittings, dark wood panelling and ceiling fans; steam, hot and cooling rooms; massages;and access to the swimming pool.It is a relaxation haven,with space for friends to talk quietly and refresh body and mind.With access to the swimming pool, it is an important and affordable social and health facility for local people, rather than a luxury reserved for the well-paid and gymtoned.  Of course it attracts after-work and retired clients as well,  tourists, visitors,  many from the entertainment industry, despite the fact  it has not been promoted  well. Its users say its  beauty and simplicity could never be replaced by a soulless health spa.It is at the heart of our city's wellbeing and heritage. We must not lose it.

Letter to
Leader of Newcastle City Council Nick Forbes
Head of Leisure Services Anthony McKenna
Keep Newcastle Turkish Baths Open