Lower the speed in Waitahanui - OUR LIVES MATTER TOO!

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Our Kura (School) in Waitahanui is situated right on State Highway 1 just before TAUPŌ.  It is the thoroughfare from North to South and visa versa.  There is considerable housing surrounding our Kura (School) and our tamariki (children) walk to and from their homes each day.  THE SPEED LIMIT IS 70km!  This is UNSAFE!  Cars and trucks speed down hill past our Marae and do not slow down even when passing our beautiful Kura (School).  In Term One this year our senior students were learning about graphing and set up chairs in front of our Kura to record different types of transport.  HOWEVER, they quickly became more concerned about the SPEED of the vehicles and the safety of our younger students.  Most were already aware of the loss of the life of a previous student (which could have potentially been prevented if the car was travelling slower) and decided they wanted to graph whether they believed the cars, trucks and motorbikes were driving Very Fast, Fast, Just Right or Slow.  They deemed most vehicles as driving Very Fast when they passed our Kura EVEN THOUGH THESE CHILDREN WERE VISIBLY BESIDE THE ROAD.  One student suggested they try hiding behind the trees to see if it made a difference.  IT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE whereby the speed increased further by a large majority.  We contacted Taupō District Council with our concerns and although they agreed they informed us that only New Zealand Transport Agency can lower the speed limit where we live.   WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!  WE ARE A SMALL SCHOOL BUT OUR LIVES MATTER TOO!  KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE!