Stop Teaching Children Violence Against Animals

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"New Zealand youngsters being encouraged to harm and to kill nonhuman animals (animals) as part of their education. It’s all part of the country’s war on wildlife, the goal being to get rid of all predators by 2050." From an essay by Marc Bekoff, Ph.D.

The link between violence against animals by children and violence against humans once these children get older, is well known. New Zealand should not be encouraging this violence.

All animals are part of the balance that exists in the environment and Mother Nature. Encouraging cruelty against wildlife as a means to eradicate that wildlife completely is unconscionable.

"Recently young possum joeys were taken from their mother's pouch and drowned in a bucket of water during an annual fundraising hunt for a South Auckland school. Hundreds of adult possums were killed during the event raising money for Drury School with a witness telling the newspaper at least one teenaged girl - not a student of the school - was allegedly involved in the drowning of the baby possums."


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