Tougher law for animal abusers and should be banned from more animals and to be Monitored.

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If we stand together and participate in an action for making the laws stronger for animal abuse we can fight together as their voices to ask for help in giving animals in nz a safe place that they can call their home ! Animal abuse is wrong and sad I believe we can always find help and safety for those who have lived through abuse because it can happen ! I had a dog named Charlie who I got from my Aunty before she got him he was abused as a puppy when his breeder had fights with his wife he took all his anger and hate out on the poor little puppy and he grew to hate men he also used to nip people and when my Aunty got him their  neighbour began to throw rocks at him so it made him worse in the end my Aunty was moving away and needed a new home for him however she lived in Australia so my dad went and got him and brought him back he played up for a while but in the end he stopped nipping and getting scared of mean and he was the loveliest dog I have ever had so it’s true love is all the need . His story made me want to make a stand against animal abuse and get rid of it for good .!