Stop Anti-Vax Taylor Winterstein from Spreading Dangerous Misinformation NZ

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Anti-vaxxers have been described by the World Health Organisation as one of the top 10 global health issues of this year.

Since their introduction, vaccines have saved millions of lives world-wide. In recent years the increasingly vocal presence of anti-vaxxers has led to the re-emergence of wide-spread vaccine preventable diseases such as measles, including here in New Zealand.

Allowing non-medical professionals to spout their ignorance and fear-mongering against vaccinations for their own financial gains, should not be something we encourage or tolerate. Several people including the elderly, infants, and the immunocompromised rely on the majority of the population to immunise, and people like Taylor Winterstein pose a very real and potentially fatal risk to these vulnerable groups.

Taylor Winterstein has scheduled dates to come to New Zealand, as well as Samoa, charging $200 per ticket we can see she clearly has more interest than just "spreading the truth"

I implore the New Zealand Government and the Ministry of Health, to stop anti-vaccination proponents like Taylor Winterstein from being granted a platform in New Zealand, to spout dangerous rhetoric with demonstrably harmful real-world consequences.