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Get New York's Major Cities To Ban Disposable Plastic

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India has just banned single use plastic (cups, bowls, straws etc.) In it's capital and the area surrounding it.  Plastic waste is ruining our oceans. If we get one state to do it, hopefully more and more will follow! 

 In the last ten years we have produced more plastic than we did in the last century! 

50% of the plastic we use is single use. We use it once then we throw it away, what a waste! 

Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. That's 99,604 MILES of plastic waist! 

The average American throws away 185 pounds of plastic every year, now multiply that by 326.5 million Americans. 

Plastic accounts for about 10% of the waste we generate. That doesn't sound like much but there are billions of people, making 10% much bigger than you'd think. 

The production of plastic uses up 8% of the world oil production. Bioplastic isn't the answer either because it uses up crop resources that could be food for many. 

On average 35 billion plastic bottles get thrown away in America each year. That's just one country! 

In the ocean plastic is broken down into such small pieces that the plastic from one bottle can wind up spread throughout the ocean and on every beach around the world and that's just one bottle! Imagine the billions in our ocean, soon our beaches might as well just be plastic and who wants to build a plastic castle? 

Approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used world wide. These bags get into our oceans and water ways and in our forests and just all over! They choke animals to death, don't break down and not to mention, look just plane nasty.

46 percent of plastic floats and can float for years before breaking down. It takes plastic 500-1,000 years to degrade. 

 Things like plastic straws and bags get stuck in animals airways and choke them to death everyday! 

Billions of pounds of plastic float in convergences in our oceans. Plastic has begun to make up 40% of our ocean surface. 80% of pollution enters the oceans from land. 

The Great Pacific Garbage patch is the largest garbage site on Earth. It's a huge floating mass of plastic in the North Pacific Gyre of the coast of California. This patch is larger than Texas and plastic pieces out number sea life six to one. 

Plastic makes up 90% of the trash floating on the ocean surface with approximately 46,000 pieces per square mile. One million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic waste in our oceans. 

In Lake Erie 85% of the plastic pieces in the water are microscopic. Researchers found 1,500 and 1.7 million pieces per square mile 

44% of sea birds, 22% of cetaceans , all sea turtles and a growing list of fish species have been documented with plastic waste in or around their bodies. 

93% of Americans age six and up test Positive for bpa, a chemical found in plastic that absorbs through the skin. 

That's some of the facts I've recovered from the web and hopefully that helps you understand why we should take the steps to ban disposable plastic! 


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