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The New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 Was sighed into law by governor Andrew Cuomo on January 15 2013. 

it was quickly shoved down the throats of the law abiding gun owners of new York as well as making people who owned certain firearms felons overnight. it majorly  stripped the rights of new York citizens to adequately arm themselves. the S.A.F.E act was aimed to stop crimes that were not happening by removing assault weapons from the streets of NY. however many company's of new York have swerved around the ridiculous requirements of the s.a.f.e. act and have made weapons just as deadly as their pre ban counterparts. the S.A.F.E act tries to enforce laws that are just unreasonable. like not being able to put ten rounds in ur ten round magazines.

the safe act is just a step at disarming the law abiding citizens of new York help me repeal this unconstitutional law that is being pushed on the citizens of new York