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Trainer Dale Romans started this Petition to the NYS Gaming Commission (which was formally known as the New York State Racing and Wagering Board): 

In 2010, the racing stewards at Aqueduct racetrack imposed a 90-day suspension of Rick’s license for two alleged infractions, one of which was for a level of a therapeutic medication that is permissible today. Rick appealed that suspension to the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. The Board chose to make Rick an example at the time and in 2011 imposed a punishment of unprecedented severity – they REVOKED Rick’s training license for 10 years and fined him $50,000! 

Rick has now served 5 YEARS and TWO MONTHS--or close to 2,000 more days than the racing stewards thought was just punishment!  

It is important to know this about Rick: 

Since 1979 Rick has started 7,204 horses and won 1,811 races and has NEVER run afoul of the rules of racing concerning any prohibited substance. 

Rick’s devotion to the good health and well-being of his horses is widely recognized and is attested to by preeminent equine surgeon, Dr. Larry Bramlage.   

Rick did not have a single fatal breakdown in New York for 11 years, and that includes the thousands of horses he brought to the track in the mornings, as well as those who raced in the afternoons. 

Horse owner Joe Torre wrote the Commission in support of Rick’s return. 

Rick paid the fine and he has devoted time to charity work involving retired racehorses in aid of children, veterans and patients in need. 

For the past 3 years many of us in the industry have been working hard to get Rick back to the only job he has ever known.  Since 2016, there have been THREE formal applications made to the Commission seeking to reopen the proceeding to reduce the unprecedented penalty imposed to “time served,” and to permit his immediate reinstatement as a licensed trainer.  

We need your voices and we need them now to tell the Commission that “Time served is enough!”   

Let’s get Rick back before this year’s Kentucky Derby a race he won in 2008.  


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