Permit target shooting at West Mountain multiple use area again .

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West Mountain state Forrest is a multiple use area in Dutchess County that offers over 800 acres or land for many uses . One of the uses that many locals such as myself took advantage of using was the area most used for target shooting. It has been used for years with no problems from neighbors , hikers , or anyone else nearby. It had become obvious over the last year or so that people have been abusing the area, such as bringing in breakable targets, leaving garbage , not cleaning up shells , and shooting down trees . It’s people like that who give responsible gun owners all a bad name , and have now cost us the privilege to shoot there . It was a convenient, close , and even better , free to use location . The areas to target shoot in Dutchess County (or in lower NY) are far and few between , especially if you don’t own much property. I have made this petition in hopes to convince the NYSDEC  to allow us to target shoot again. I hope others will join and help pursue this issue . Thank you .