Change Regulation for Mixed Competition in New York State

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We are petitioning the Commissioner of Education to consider changing the Regulation on Mixed Competition (Section 135.4) as it relates to permitting male/female athletes competing on a team organized for male and/or female. Specifically, in the sport of gymnastics, a male competing on a female gymnastics team is NOT permitted to participate on that team based on the regulation that he may have a "significant adverse effect upon the opportunity of females to participate successfully in interschool competition in that sport" (Regulations of the Commissioner of Education on Mixed Competition Section 135.4). However, the regulation does not apply when a female competes on a male team (ie. wrestling, football). We are concerned that this regulation is sexist and it deprives competent, skilled athletes from competing with peers at their level when a team is NOT available for their gender. We feel that ALL athletes have the right and deserve the opportunity to compete in a sport where they have worked hard to build their skill level and for which they are passionate about. This regulation clearly deprives them of this opportunity and it is unfair. 

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We, the undersigned are the athletes, parents, teachers, and friends who want the regulation changed so as not to deprive current and future athletes (male or female) from competing in a sport of their choice when no other options are available.