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Get rid of NSW's inhumane shark nets

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Each year, the New South Wales government installs shark nets in 51 beaches from Wollongong to Newcastle under the Shark Meshing (Bather Protection) Program. Now it's a $16 million strategy! But shark nets are inefficient protection, and they brutally and indiscriminately kill marine life.

The program’s latest report revealed 133 target sharks were caught along with 615 non-target marine animals including dolphins, whales and turtles. They become tangled, and either die of stress, starvation, or another animal eats them.

Shark nets are also ineffective in protecting us. They only span 150-200m of the beach. They do not go all the way across, nor do they go all the way down. They only go 6m down. Sharks can pass under and over the net.

Sea Shepherd Australia says the nets give you a false sense of security. 40% of sharks are caught on the beach side of the nets.

Sharks are vital for a healthy ocean. This also means that they are very important in maintaining balance in marine ecosystems. Almost half the world’s shark species live in Australian waters and some are already endangered (The Greens, 2016). Shark nets accelerate their way to extinction.  

Shark nets are INHUMANE. They result in a slow and painful death for animals caught.

There are many more ways to protect ourselves from sharks that also enables to respect the ocean and its inhabitants. These include the Clever Buoy, the Shark Shield or Shark Deterrent Wetsuit. But there are simple and free ways of protecting yourself like choosing when and when not to swim, to choosing what you wear. Find more strategies here - 

FORGET THE NETS is a campaign that addresses NSW's use of shark nets and drumlines. We strive to correctly answer questions about them - to let the facts speak for themselves.

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