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Keep New Leaf organic!

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In January of 2018, New Leaf overhauled the products in their Westside store to include conventional foods such as Karo syrup, C&H sugar, and Cheerios as required by their parent company, New Seasons.

In conversations I had with the corporate office, New Seasons openly states they are not a 'health food' chain and sell both conventional and organic foods, like Safeway. They are now beginning to experiment with mixing in conventional foods at New Leaf. As a small chain, they are responsive to strong customer reactions to products, so your voice can make a big difference quickly!

Sign this petition to keep New Leaf a health food store, not a mixed conventional-organic supermarket!

In our county, there is a Safeway within a few blocks of each New Leaf, not to mention Trader Joes, Shopper's Corner, Nob Hill, and Costco, all already offering the same conventional-organic mix of foods New Seasons is proposing. We don't need another Safeway

There is reason to hope that New Seasons will listen to what we're asking for. New Seasons is going through a lot of changes even as we speak. Since January: 

  • The CEO of New Seasons, Wendy Collie, just resigned.
  • A New Leaf planned for Carmel has been canceled.
  • The New Leaf markets in Felton and Boulder Creek have left the New Leaf licensee group because of New Seasons' lack of dedication to organics.
  • The Westside New Leaf removed Cheerios from the shelves within twenty-four hours of this petition going live.

Let the new management know we want health food-focused stores!

When New Seasons purchased New Leaf, New Season's CEO Wendy Collie made this statement:

"At this point and time [New Leaf's] brand and concept is very well received and loved in northern California," Collie said. "There's no reason for us to change that. Over time, we'll continue to look at what the customers want."


I'm asking New Seasons to commit outright to the health food model for their New Leaf stores, at least in our county where grocery options are numerous. I will be sending this petition directly to the CEO, or interim CEO, so please feel free to add your view points to the comments when you sign!

I'm a local mom who committed to organics when pediatricians instructed me to make sure the first foods my children ate were organics, sparking a lot of research and learning on my part. I buy health foods whenever I can, and dream of them costing the same amount as conventional foods. Thank you for joining me in asking New Leaf to uphold their health food commitment! 

-Hamsa Merlet

NOTE: The Felton and Boulder Creek New Leaf stores were not purchased by New Seasons, are officially leaving the New Leaf licensee group, and will soon be called "Wild Roots Market". All other New Leaf markets are owned by New Seasons.

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---------Worked up about this? Want to do more?---------

  • You can call the New Seasons corporate office to leave a message about your opinion; push '5' in the phone tree to get right to the voicemail: (503) 292-1987
  • You can call the New Leaf central office at (831) 466-9060
  • You can let your local New Leaf managers and checkers know how you feel!
  • If you're looking to take your shopping money elsewhere, consider Staff of Life, which is a totally local independent store, and Farmer's Markets!

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