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Dog chained for 3 YEARS in backyard begins another winter outside!! RESCUE BELLA NOW!!!

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This helpless dog has been chained in the backyard of a property in the town of New Providence, Iowa, for the last three years.  Doesn’t matter if it’s summer and the weather is scorching hot or it’s winter and it’s blistering cold. BELLA spends every day in the same manner; all chained up, in solitary confinement.

In spite of numerous protests, nothing has changed. Last year, concerned residents built a doghouse for BELLA but they had the door slammed in their faces.

Now, after another set of massive complaints, the Sheriff finally turned up at their doorstep to check on the dog.

She's tied up outside. There are people who don’t think this is acceptable. It’s a situation open up for debate’ Sheriff Dave McDaniel stated.

McDaniel admitted that the dog had food and water but claimed that the type of shelter was ‘questionable’. The Sheriff finally pursued the owners to accept a dog house built by members of the community.

BELLA’s condition is still dire. Spending her days on a heavy chain, not being able to move and her only companions are a patch of dirt, rain, sun, snow and the bitter cold!!  Dogs are NOT solitary, this is NOT what having a pet is about.   BELLA needs love NOT isolation!!!

To me, pets are family and should definitely stay inside.

All in all, BELLA needs to be rescued from the property.  She has suffered in frozen silence far too long; now we have to be her voice!!  She deserves a better home and owners who understand what having a pet really means.

The blistering cold of Iowa is just days away.  Do NOT remain indifferent and help rescue BELLA!!  The HEART Hardin Eldora Animal Rescue Team has already announced they are prepared to bring BELLA in anytime.


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