Murray Chong needs to stand down after his comments about the New Zealand national anthem

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I have decided to make this petition to ask for either Murray Chong to stand down from his position as Councillor at the New Plymouth District Council in New Zealand or for the New Plymouth District to not vote for Mr Murray Chong at the next local body election following his disgraceful shameful racist comments about the Te Reo Maori language, and the New Zealand national anthem. 

As per the Stuff article published nationally, and featured on 7News in Sydney, Australia;

A New Plymouth councillor previously censured for making offensive and divisive comments has posted on Facebook about his "shame" in singing the Māori version of the national anthem.

Under a post made on Steve West's Facebook page, which asked people to "name a song you are ashamed of singing" Murray Chong replied with: "The te reo version of the NZ national anthem".

West, who alerted Stuff to the Facebook exchange, then asked Chong if he was threatened by it.

"Not at all but I only need to sing the original version," Chong replied. When questioned further by West, Chong said it was "because that's the original. If we all have to be made to sing the anthem in 2 languages, then the haka should be sung in 2 languages too."
Elected as a New Plymouth district councillor in 2013, Chong is no stranger to controversy.

Last month Chong was censured by New Plymouth mayor Neil Holdom after proclaiming on radio he had no issue flying a Confederate flag during Taranaki's Americarna car festival.

For some the flag represents the heritage of the American south but for others, it is a symbol of slavery and white supremacy.

At the time, Holdom described Chong's actions as disappointing and divisive.

It follows similar form in February 2017 when Chong was sanctioned after he asked whether te reo Māori was a dead language.

Public criticism of the Facebook post, as well as four formal complaints, led to an apology by Chong, who was found to have breached the council's code of conduct.


These stories make international news and put the Taranaki Region and New Zealand in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Sign this petition now and share it to your friends to show that New Zealanders do not stand for racism and call for his resignation. 

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