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Help us build the New Mochi: !

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Hey guys,

I have great news for you. The beta version of ads service is ready (AS3.0 only) and I would like to invite you to try it out and tell us what you think. The link is:

Just give it a try with 1 or 2 games to get started as we already have a few advertisers and tell us what you think.

You can contact me at office@ for any question or problem.

Long live flash!


The original petition is this:


I’m a flash developer and a member of Mochi since 2009. I have developed and released miniTowerDefence, Glean and some other games.

For me, Mochi has been one of the best and easiest way to monetize my games and I can't thank enough Bob and Colin for what they’ve done so far. I am really sad to see it all go away so fast and unexpectedly. 


However, I believe there’s a solution to stop all this mess.


That’s why me and two partners have decided to buid a NEW MOCHI, one where flash game developers can get more revenue from ads than they are now. We intend to build an ads service first, then a score system and a distribution service. And if you guys have any other ideas, we're here to listen to what you have to say. We care about developers becase we are developers ourselves!


I talked to Bob (co-founder of Mochi, former CTO) and he said it's definitely an opportunity here. I asked him to join our team, but he declined saying he is no longer interested starting from scratch again. But that's ok :) We're trying to create the next Mochi (me and 2 partners), just because we still believe that Flash games are not dead, and there will always be people that would love starting working on Flash before working on AAA games or even before they follow the indie path. But we need your help and support!


So, IF YOU WANT A NEW MOCHI that is even greater that the one today, SIGN THIS PETITION and you will be the first to get access to it.

Also, SHARE IT WITH all your FELLOW DEVELOPERS so we can keep the community alive.


Thank you,

a Mochi fan


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