INMATE REFORM: Lea County Corrections Facility Violating Rights of Inmates In HOBBS,NM

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The Private owned Prison Lea County Correctional Facility is violating Human Rights to Inmates. They are giving one roll of toilet paper for 2 weeks.. They are Refusing hygiene and commissarry when they have paid for it. Refusing Showers, and refusing to give them mail and sending all mail back .. It takes weeks and weeks to get back the mail that was "refused" for no reason. Most of all they are refusing medical treatment! They are serving small portions of food where the meat is not fully cooked and they have no way to get to the microwave. They are making them send all cards (birthday,holiday, postcards) and some pictures back .They are constantly putting them on lockdown. The warden makes smart remarks saying they don't deserve priveleges or rights because they are "criminals" . PLEASE SIGN! Something needs to be done for our loved ones! They don't deserve this and they have rights just like any other human being! Thank you!