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This will only have a negative impact on our environment ,We must act now so our children and their children will have a healthy planet .

Letter to
Office of the Premier Premier David Alward
MLA Wayne Steeves
MP Hon Rob Morre
Atmospheric problems are clearly global in nature . We can not afford to cultivate a provincial attitude towards the problems we will be facing down the road on the environment . The atmosphere is a global commons which we are all equally dependent . The continued degradation of the atmosphere by industry has profound implications for life as we know it on this planet .
The World Commission Report on the Environment and Development , Our Common Future clearly states the Problem : The burning of fossil fuels puts into the atmosphere carbon dioxide ,which is causing gradual global warming .
The greenhouse effect may by early next century have increased average global temperatures enough to shift agricultural production areas, raise sea levels to flood coastal cities and disrupt national economies . Other gases threaten to deplete the planet's protective shield to such an extent that the number of human and animal cancers would rise sharply and the oceans' food chain would be disrupted .
Clearly we all have a responsibility to not leave this legacy for our children .
The world's temperature is rising and there is no doubt in my mind that the levels of Carbon Dioxide produced by the burning of fossil fuels such as natural gas , coal and oil are the culprits to Global Warming .
Are we to ignore the evidence that natural gas is a contributing factor to the enhancement of the Greenhouse Effect by glibly saying that it's better than coal and a lot cleaner .
Atmospheric scientists now agree that a major climate warming greater than any yet experienced by humans is likely to occur . Recent studies suggest that the average surface temperature of the earth may increase by 3.0 C with an enhanced greenhouse effect equivalent to the doubling of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere . Such warming would probably be accompanied by amplified warming in high -latitude regions in both autumn and winter , by drier summers in mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere , by increased moisture availability in polar regions , and by a possible mean global rise in sea level of about 1 M.
According to the State of the Environment Report put out by the Department in 1990 the evidence is clear ! Human activities are changing the planetary atmosphere . This report goes on to state that the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere has increased 10 % since 1958 and is increasing at a rate of 0.4 % per year . This represents an increase of about 25 % in Carbon Dioxide concentration since preindustrial periods .
Climatologists have indicated that what we can expect if we ignore the signs to Global Warming and continue down this road of no return is the melting of the polar ice caps ,drowned coastal cities and vast migrations as new climatic patterns bring with it drought and heat that will make some parts of our planet uninhabitable .
In a report put out by the Department of the Environment called the Minister's Task Force on Clean Air dated November 1992 , it states that Greenhouse gases primarily include Carbon Dioxide ,chlorofluorocarbons ,and methane . Emitted in increasing volumes by human activity , they augment the natural Greenhouse Effect of the earth's atmosphere by radiating the earth's heat back to the surface . The report goes on to say that the goal of the Nova Scotia Action Strategy on Global Warming is to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions at 1990 levels by the year 2000 . It goes on to say that there is an "URGENT" need to identify how this goal will be met and to develop specific initiatives for the implementation of the action strategy . It stated that the achievement of the stabilization goal was inextricably linked to energy efficiency and conservation .
Stopping the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is an imperative goal . Scientists currently estimate that a reduction of more than 50 % will be required to STOP the Global Warming trend . If the concentrations of the Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increase , they will intensify this natural greenhouse effect . This will cause what is termed as an enhanced greenhouse effect .
Scientists agree that if humans continue to add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels such as "NATURAL GAS" and clearing the forests , the greenhouse effect will be enhanced . This will cause global temperatures to rise at an unprecedented rate .
According to the fact sheet put out by Environment Canada called Atmospheric Environment Service over the next 50 years , this process is expected to increase average world temperatures between 1.5 and 4.5 C . Such a major warming will have a profound global impact . It goes on to say that Canada being a country of climatic extremes would be among the most significantly affected areas in the world .
The environment is our only life support system . As we approach the 21st century , however , there are indications that we are severing this lifeline . -Energy consumption has increased worldwide . - Global temperature have been on the rise .
In Canada energy demands have also been on the rise . Along with these increases in energy demands there have been increases in Carbon Dioxide levels . The above was taken right out of a report called the Minister's Task Force on Clean Air . The threat to this lifeline in our Province is evident especially with the approval of the Sable Island Gas Project .
If we continue down this road according to the Department of the Environment in their report called " The State of the Environment " rising sea level will increase the frequency and severity of flooding in many coastal communities . The flooding risk will be greatest during storm surges when maximum high tides are amplfied by severe storms .
Next : So what just are the alternatives to Natural Gas and why hasn't our National Energy Board done their homework ?
In order to stabilize the emissions at 1990 levels by 2000 and making further reductions in subsequent years politicians are going to have to make some decisions which will be unpopular economically to some economic sectors and regions .
Invest in Solar Power . -
Invest in Wind Power . -
Invest in Geo-Thermal energy . -
Utilize our oceans energy along with developing "small" hydro projects with little environmental impact .
Development of new forest within Canada to enhance natural carbon sinks to remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere . -
Place a moratorium on clearcutting -
Increase the number of Protected areas within Nova Scotia and Canada -
Place a moratorium on all incineration in Nova Scotia and canada -
Develop a Carbon Dioxide emission tax for industry _
Invest in researching into finding sustainable clean energy for future generations .
In March 1990 Canada's environment ministers agreed to devise a National Strategy to deal with Global Warming . The three principles that were released were:
(1.) Limit Greenhose gas emissions from all sources .
(2.) Help Canadians anticipate and prepare for the potential effects of any warming that might occur .
(3.) Improve our scientific abilities to understand and predict climate change .
The 23 billion tonnes of carbon Dioxide that we pour into the atmosphere each year through the burning of fossil fuels such as Natural Gas are produced by governments that can be lobbied by the oil and gas industry and by the 5 billion people that occupy this planet . Canadians contribute more than most ! It is time that we begin to turn the tide > it is time that our Energy Board in Canada take a new direction and not of the one dictated by the oil and gas industry , but towards a cleaner energy for tomorrow generations .
Put a halt to Fracking in New Brunswick , Canada.

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