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Gorkhas' Region, Annexing into North Bengal, Merged in West Bengal in 1956, , WHY?

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Honorable Mr President,

Through this petition, I would like to remind you taht there was no North Bengal before the Indian Union States Reconstruction done during 1954-56. The Gorkha region in West Bengal today used to be separate and the Gorkhas had their self identity, right to freedom. But, despite there were/are no links or any assimilation of race, blood, colour, culture and tradition  of the Gorkhas with the Bengols, their entire homaland were emerged in West Bengal in 1956. In regard of which, I ask you Mr President that which Art and Clause/s of the Indian Constitution permited the Govt to make so, beacuse of which, the Gorkhas today, facing the imperialistic rulling on them, getting treated as third class refugee like citizens with no rights to exercise, no opportunity granted for upliftment in life although the revenue earmed from the region is nearly 35 percent of Bengal's revenue collection. 

Having enough of Bengals hegemony and denail of opportunity for better livelihood, the Gorkhas under the flag of Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) started agitation against Bengal Govt in the 80s demanding separate state Gorkhaland, but to silence them, after bullet shot death of more than 1200 Gorkhas by the secutiry forces, DGHC was let compromised, The Hills Council never recieved any power of autonomy from the state for self exercising and uplift the hills and the life of the hill people. Finding still suppressed under the monopoly of the West Bengal's Govt, 1n 2007,once again under the flag of Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM), statred demanding Gorkhaland, DGHC having been nullified. While portest gainst Bengal's oppression and demanding Gorkhaland, more than 16 souls were again let departed having shot down, making the GJM compromised granting GTA in 2011, an autonomous body. But then, GTA, too, was never handed any autonomy of power to function by self Gorkhas in the hills, because of which GJM fail to establish even it's most wanted dream a local university. 800 Km closer at homeland, but... the Matata Bagum Banerjee led TMC govt, after trying to impose compulsory Bengali in high school level in the Gorkha regions even, awoke the Gorkhas from slumber. who having realised that like Hitler said, 'If you want to conquer people, first disarm them', Mamata's step taken to subdue the Gorkhas entirely in Bengal by restricting mother tongue Khas Nepali language, since this early June till indefite time, GJM supported by all hill parties under the banner of Gorkhaland Movement Coordination Committee (GMCC) the whole Gorkha region is unrest like #Darjeeling, demanding for freedom from Bengal, separate state Gorkhaland, national identity for the entire Indian Gorkhas. As this time the support is not only from all national Gorkhas but backed by all those Gorkhas from all over the world, THIS IS THE FINAL TIME, NO REST UNTIL GORKAHALAND IS ACHIEVED, jai Mahakali jai Gorkha jai Gorkhaland jai Hind..!

As we Gorkhas are determined not to give up this time but never ever any role from Bengal, for proof we want to know on what ground we had been merged into Bengal at first place in 1956? As there was no #NorthBengal then, how could/can our homeland Darj-Silagadi/Terai-Dooars be integral part of Bengal as Mamata says, today..? 

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