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This petition should be supported by all Australians who wish to see a precedent set, regarding the recent publicly televised ridicule of a recipient of the highest award in the Australian Honours System; The Victoria Cross for Australia. That precedent should be associated with disciplinary action taken by those responsible, being Network Ten. A precedent associated with inaction, and/or insincere apologies, is not an acceptable outcome for many Australians. Network Ten should be boycotted until such time that Yumi Stynes, and George Negus, are both dismissed. This boycott will include a boycott of Channel Ten, Channel Eleven, and Channel One. This petition is important for all Australians to sign, particularly, those who hold the Anzac Spirit in the highest regard, as well as those who respect, and support Australian Defence Force members, Veterans, and their families. Thank you for signing this petition, and together, we can make a difference!

Letter to
Network Ten Holdings Limited ABN 14 081 327 068 Network Ten
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Network Ten
Please be advised that I will be participating in a boycott of Network Ten, including a boycott of Channel Ten, Channel Eleven, and Channel One, until such time that Yumi Stynes, and George Negus, are dismissed.

I note your recent statement dated 5 March 2012 @

"Network Ten apologises sincerely for the comments made on The Circle about Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith. The comments were inappropriate and un-necessary".

"We recognise Ben is a highly decorated soldier and a national hero and we have the utmost respect for him. Yumi Stynes and George Negus spoke to Ben on Wednesday and apologised. He graciously accepted their apologies. Network Ten is sorry for the comments made on The Circle and apologise to Ben and the many Australians who have rightly expressed their concerns about the comments".

The Australian public expects that as one of the country's major television networks, that there are sometimes occasions where the community expects you to make ethical decisions where necessary, at such times, as the need arises. This is considered by some, to be such an occasion.

You have stated that the Corporal has accepted the apology, and are of the view that, that acceptance of the apologies from Stynes, Negus, and yourself are sufficient. I would like to suggest to you that, that view, is not a view shared by a number of Australians, and that the insult to the Corporal, is more serious than you are prepared to acknowledge.

Might I take the opportunity to offer the argument that the Corporal aside, it is the integrity of the award itself that was insulted. The Victoria Cross for Australia being the highest award in the Australian Honours System, bestowed by the sovereign, or its representative. The awardee of Australia's highest award in this particular case, is deserving of the same respect, as the award itself. An insult to the awardee, might be considered by some people, as treasonous.

It is unfortunate, that these events ever took place, however, many Australians feel that a precedent involving the public mockery of a Victoria Cross recipient, should not be associated with inaction. Many Australians believe it is the honourable thing, for Yumi Stynes, and George Negus, to be stood down from their respective positions, in order to set an example, and send a clear message to every Australian, that the public mockery of Australia's Victoria Cross recipients is neither appropriate, acceptable, or tolerable.

In these unique circumstances, many Australians feel it is your duty as a major television network, to represent 'ordinary' Australians, and see the persons involved stood down as 'public figures'.

The motivation for such a request is not based on vexation or is about retribution, rather is centred around the concept of 'accountability'.

Until such time that these actions are taken by you, I am left with no other alternative but to boycott your entire television network, including all of the television channels that you operate.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request, and I trust you will do the honourable thing in this situation.