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Dismiss Yumi Stynes, and George Negus!

This petition should be supported by all Australians who wish to see a precedent set, regarding the recent publicly televised ridicule of a recipient of the highest award in the Australian Honours System; The Victoria Cross for Australia. That precedent should be associated with disciplinary action taken by those responsible, being Network Ten. A precedent associated with inaction, and/or insincere apologies, is not an acceptable outcome for many Australians. Network Ten should be boycotted until such time that Yumi Stynes, and George Negus, are both dismissed. This boycott will include a boycott of Channel Ten, Channel Eleven, and Channel One. This petition is important for all Australians to sign, particularly, those who hold the Anzac Spirit in the highest regard, as well as those who respect, and support Australian Defence Force members, Veterans, and their families. Thank you for signing this petition, and together, we can make a difference!

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