Take down Twitter and Netflix Perpetuating Misogyny: Martyrs of Marriage

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Martyrs of Marriage, a documentary by men's rights activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, depicts a one-sided account of women misusing Section 498 A, deepens misogyny and perpetuates an incomplete narrative of women harassing men. While certain instances may have proved misuse of this section, lives of most women in India is under severe threat, especially in an atmosphere of violent and overt misogyny. A documentary such as this deflects the focus from normalised violence against women in India. 

As a preventive measure, we must address the widespread and indiscriminate dissemination of such documentaries on the internet. Such insensitivity to the multiple discourses of patriarchy plays to the caricatures of 'women are women's worst enemies', 'all feminists are man-haters' and 'feminists hate families' . The inherent misogyny of this movement lead by men's rights activists such as Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj is also evident on their social media pages, where women are frequently harassed, bullied and called demeaning names by men's rights activists as well as their followers, who are mostly men.

As feminists, we do not believe gender equality is a zero sum game and neither deny that men are often at the receiving end of violence. However, the complexities and privilege rooted in caste and class phobia in Indian society makes it imperative for a healthy discourse - one that doesn't perpetuate an unequal narrative and an incomplete story of power and the law.

Through this petition, we urge Netflix to take down the documentary from further screening and urge Twitter to enforce stricter policies against trolling and online harassment caused by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj.