Sense8 Season 3 is Written.. NETFLIX Renew It Already!

Sense8 Season 3 is Written.. NETFLIX Renew It Already!

19 August 2018
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sense8 Fandom

I am Also a We and Together, We Can Make Sense8 Season 3 a Reality!

Lana Wachowski announced that she has written the third season of Sense8 after fans brought back the show for a 2-hour special, following the cancellation.

Sense8 is the most groundbreaking series on Netflix and it deserves to continue because

1,The 2-hour special or "finale" was not enough to tie up the complex plotlines of this masterpiece by the Wachowskis and J.M Straczynski which was written with a  5 season arc in mind... want proof? check this out!

2. Sense8 is the only cancelled series that has continuously been ranked among the world's top 20 shows according to Parrot Analytics, the world's leading media demand measurement metric that calculates every show's performance across networks including Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu and others. Click on the link for an in-depth analysis on the Sense8's global popularity since 2015.

3. Netflix's argument that Sense8 does not have a sizable audience has been proven false time and time again but most recently by the successful crowdfunding of the world's first Sense8 mural in San Francisco. Sense8 fans around the world reached the goal before the deadline and the mural is the only fan funded work of public art for a Netflix Original Series.

4. Sense8 Producer Robert Malerba said Sense8 could be revived if the number of views for the two hour special released on June 8th, 2018 were high. Here's a map detailing every country (55 in total) in which Sense8 was trending since this date.

So why is Netflix turning a blind eye to Sense8? If any Netflix Original deserves new seasons, its got to be Sense8, a show which not only represents each and every corner of the world but also celebrates connection, empathy and unity in a message full of love and diversity that's sorely missing from television and film nowadays.

We are calling on the Sensate in you to help us secure the future of Will, Riley, Wolfgang, Kala, Sun, Lito,Nomi and Capheus for many seasons to come.


So are you ready? To take everything you are feeling, everything that matters to you.. push it all into your fist and fight for it like Sun?

Sign and share this petition and let Netflix hear us LOUD and CLEAR! WE WANT SENSE8 SEASON 3!


Thank You!

The Sense8 Fandom

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Signatures: 104,717Next Goal: 150,000
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