Renew Wanted for a fourth season (and bring back Steven Peacocke)

Renew Wanted for a fourth season (and bring back Steven Peacocke)

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Wanted is an Australian TV series starring Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewill, that has been running for three seasons. The show is about two women Lola and Chelsea who are forced to go on the run after being caught up unwillingly in a carjacking and wanted for the murder of a cop.

Wanted is a show filled with action, drama and humour, which is rare for an Australian TV show to have these days, due to brainless reality shows taking over Australia TV. Wanted has continuous storylines which makes the show as interesting as it is thrilling, as well as the Australian scenery backdrops which is extremely rare for an Australian TV series. There aren't too many shows like Wanted in Australia anymore, nor will there be in the future due to the rise of Reality TV which is why it would be a shame to see Wanted disappear from our screens.

While Wanted was popular during it's first two seasons, it's third season lacked ratings, primarily because of the lack of treatment which Channel 7 gave this show. Channel 7 didn't announce the show's return until a week & a half before season 3 premiered, giving the show little time to advertise before it's return. In the previous two seasons, Wanted had been advertising for over a month before each season premiered to great ratings. Also, another mistake that Channel 7 made was burning off Wanted quickly with double episodes, making season 3 finished two weeks after it started and the double episode having finish times of past 10:30 and 11:00 pm.

One other mistake which the show made was not bringing back Steven Peacocke, which had a great effect on ratings. In the first half of season 2, Steven Peacocke was missing and the show was getting good/decent ratings, but once Steven Peacocke returned in the second half of Season 2, ratings spiked up to almost a dramatic effect. With Steven Peacocke missing from season 3, ratings took a dip and left his character, Josh Levine's story unfinished. Josh Levine started as an ordinary cop chasing Lola and Chelsea across Australia and New Zealand and became a character with so much potential. It would be a shame to see Josh Levine's story unfinished on Wanted, as well as Lola and Chelsea's story, so please(at least try to) bring back Steven Peacocke if Wanted comes back.

Wanted is a show with so much potential still and could still last for years without running dry with the storylines, action and humourous moments which makes Wanted as great is it is. It would be great to see Chelsea and Lola and the show Wanted to get a proper and happy ending after all these years. Even if the fourth season is the last, Wanted deserves to go out on a good note.

One of the things that makes Wanted a great show are the adventures of Chelsea & Lola in all these different landscapes from rural Queensland through Thailand and New Zealand to South Australia. It has already been hinted twice that the next season would be set in Western Australia if there is one, so it would be great for the Australian and International audience to see the tremendous yet surprisingly unknown-to-most breathtaking landscapes and views of Western Australia as it would also be great for tourism and for the world to discover the beautiful and glamorous Western Australia and it's wonderful capital Perth.

Even if Channel 7 doesn't pick Wanted up for a fourth season, it would be great to see it be picked up by Netflix which already advertises Wanted as a Netflix Original internationally, so why not make it official and see Netflix potentially make Wanted a well-known show worldwide and make the world get to know Aussie talents such as Rebecca Gibney, Geraldine Hakewill, Steven Peacocke and more. Plus the Netflix budget would make Wanted an even better show. Or potentially maybe Netflix and Channel 7 could work together to make a fourth season of Wanted.

Overall, Wanted is a rare Australian show that deserves a fourth season because of the great writing, acting, action and Australian humour which makes the show unique and it would be great to see a fourth adventure of Chelsea and Lola going through Western Australia whilst still on the run and it would also be amazing to see Steven Peacocke return, even if it's for an episode or two and finally, it would be great to hopefully see a proper ending to Wanted. That's why Wanted should be renewed for a fourth season.