Remove the bathroom torture (E13) seeing from Thirteen Reasons why S2 ASAP

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Having watched Episode 13 Season 2 of Thirteen reasons why, I feel sickened and traumatised by the horrific events taking place so unexpectedly in the bathroom torture scene. I have been screaming crying since the scene began; I was so traumatised that I could not focus on the rest of the episode after that. Hour after watching it, I still feel so deeply disturbed and cannot stop shaking from the atrocities in the scene. This scene is inappropriate and can damage the emotions of over 18s, even though the shows actual aim is meant to raise awareness and entertain people. 

Undoubtedly, Netflix knows the show is extremely popular amounts teenagers under the age of 18, and should therefore apply extra care and pay consideration when deciding to include scenes such as this. Especially as some viewers with vulnerable characteristics will be subjected to highly disturbing images.

The scene did not have to be so vivid and horrific to pick up attention. It was completely uncalled for and I totally regret watching the show. The scene was not fundamental to the overall story; to show that this was Tyler’s last straw, the scene could have been a less vicious beating up, similar to what we saw before with Tony. There has already been serious concerns on the impact of the whole show on young adults with vulnerabilities and mental health issues and this scene has serious risks of damaging even "healthy" people.

The shows quality up until that scene was fantastic and there was absolutely no need to have such a scene like this. There was no suggestion or pre warning before the extreme torture begins, leaving viewers unable and unprepared to make a decision to look away or not- unlike even Hannah’s death scene.

We call on all parties to re watch, reassess and ultimately decide that this scene is doing far more harm than good- and therefore remove the scene.