Remove 'The After Party' from Netflix

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'The after party' is available on netflix and I urge you NOT to watch it. I urge you to support this petition to have the movie removed from netflix. 

It's a seriously misconstrued representation of people with epilepsy and it has been used to make it a joke. Referring to someone as 'Seizure Boy' and naming a dance 'seizure dance' is DISGUSTING! It's definitely not something to make a joke of.

We should be educating people on the illness, not making it something to laugh about. Its not funny.

Why is it okay for movies to portray bullying?

This has upset me SO MUCH. As parents of a child with Epilepsy, My son Josh and SO many other people are going to have to deal with this for the rest of his life. It is able to be managed with medication but there is NO cure. They will have enough to deal with without people, like those who made this movie making it 'okay' to bully someone with this illness.