Petition for a Netflix/Youtube, series for "Uncharted" With Nathan Fillion As Nathan Drake

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On July 16 2018 an "Uncharted" fan film starring Nathan Fillion And Directed By Allan Ungar was released, and on the day of release it received over 1 Million Views and over 6 thousand comments with fans asking for a full series or movie of "Uncharted" to be created, it has critical and fan acclaim with some of the biggest blogging sites reporting on it and the "Naughty Dog" and "Uncharted"  Subreddits going crazy about it (in a positive way). And Even though films based on video games, released in the past have been "not the greatest" we (the uncharted fan community) believe that with the right creatives behind this show or film, it could achieve greatness. just look at what happened with that test footage for "Deadpool" and that movie succeeded in huge part because of it's fans and we hope that the same can happen with "Uncharted".

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