Adi Shankar (Netflix) or Madhouse to take on the Berserk series

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Hey Everyone,

I am a massive fan of the Berserk manga, right to the core of the book, The pacing, the dialogue, the intensity, the violence and most of all the story. Berserk in recent times has slowed down a lot, but with the popularity of the movies, the "Bad CG" Series and the new video game by Koei Tecmo! Just seems to me that now is the time to really show the fans how Berserk should be animated, for both new and old fans. 

I feel Netflix along with Adi Shankar would simply be a perfect fit, the guy is a fan of the series, hes already stated in an interview he would do it. He would just need the backing and if he was to do it he would do it right! So Netflix would be a great place to truely animate Berserk and take the risk! They haven't really done a big series, but they have the budget and have shown an interest in anime recently. Some of their shows are doing really well (castlevania) and they have shown they listen to us fans, maybe they could even collaborate with Madhouse studios to make this anime! 

Madhouse to me is the perfect choice to animate this show, the animation for example of Death note the way they use the animation for intensity and to bring more depth into their characters. Or a different example and more recent animation being Parasyte which became incredibly popular for its music, animation and story. This two anime’s also have a very dark theme to them, also adding gore to them as well. Madhouse seem to do these dark, in-depth anime's to a tee.  But most of all of the anime's that Madhouse has brought out, the best example would be Hellsing Ultimate! This has everything to it, violence, intensity, pacing, music, it’s all very well done. Something around this style for a berserk anime would be the right idea, NO CG!!  Myself personally I wouldn't even mind if they brought out an hour or so episode every month or 3 weeks, as long as the animation and in depth detail comparison to manga is spot on. To me this would be what all fans of berserk would want!

Also no censorship, what is Berserk with a censorship? Hardly berserk anymore, the real dark and gritty scenes need that extra amount violence and nudity. Anyway I would go on about more stuff and all of the other amazing shows Madhouse have brought out, so all I ask for is for you guys to sign the petition or even promote it and hopefully we can do something.

Thank you for reading!  

Jake Cross