Netflix To Create 13 Reasons Why Spin-Off Called ‘11 Reasons Why Not’

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Myself and hundreds of thousands from all over Twitter believe that Netflix should create a spin-off series for 13 Reasons Why, called 11 Reasons Why Not. My original tweet ( explains how this could be an alternative life where Hannah Baker does not go through with her suicide because of the 11 reasons, also following on with Jay Asher’s original ending, where Hannah’s mother saves her before it’s too late. This would shine a light on the fact that yes, there is an extremely dark side to Mental Health, in which 13RW portrays phenomenally, but that there is also a light at the end of a tunnel and viewers need to see that there is help out there and there are so many more options to becoming better for the victim and their family and friends than just suicide. 

I have so many ideas (positives and conflicts) for this that I believe, and many others believe, will save people. So, please Netflix.... let’s talk and let’s use your platform to save others.