Netflix needs to change the age recommendation for Voltron

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I started watching Voltron because I thought it was a lighthearted Dreamworks show for children, even though it was about war, because the age recommendation was 7+, and I expected something similar to Avatar or Pixar movies. They dealt with serious topics, but still manage to be simple and nice for the children that watched the show. 

While the first seasons were children appropriate, it became very dark and complicated in the latest seasons. They have so many things added for shock factor, it’s difficult for small children to follow. It has scenes that are very disturbing, specially one with the melted corpse of a character that represented a lot to a large bunch of their audience: a rejected prince, fighting for their place in a world, trying to grow in spite of his abusing parents (much like Zuko), that ultimately was bad all along and didn’t deserve any redemption.

Besides the graphic violence, they deal with important themes without really caring and so the end result is very bad. There’s racism, but it’s from a woman of color to a white person (he’s half alien but still, visually it’s not very good) and gets resolved in like one episode, and it’s from a genocide survivor to the race that kill her ENTIRE PLANET, not the clearest of messages for children. There’s the worst kind of LGBT+ representation, where they kill all of them and don’t give the proper development to the main character, giving him a husband at the epilogue because of backlash. There’s queerbait. There’s an abuse survivor being shown as almost worse than his abusive parents who are also the alien nazis, and the protagonists don’t show ANY KIND OF REMORSE for killing him. There’s a badly developed romance where the boy pines for the girl for 7 seasons and she ends up with him after her romantic interest dies. There’s two scenes where the boy has to have permission from the tutor and fathe of the girl, because yeah that’s something nice to teach, that a girl is passed from man to man. There’s a racist undertone of the insecure latino protagonist ending as a FARMER while everybody gets cool futures, his insecurities never resolved. There’s a fat character treated as a comic relief because haha he likes food. There’s a powerful woman of colour, a princess, striped of everything that made her interesting for the sake of romance and a sacrifice that DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. 


And I could go on, but me and a LOT of people were disappointed. This is not a kids show. There’s no moral compass, no teaching. Kids deserve better than this.