Move Lab Rats: Elite Force to Another Network

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Lab Rats: Elite Force is the spin-off series that combined Lab Rats and Mighty Med into a big hit for many viewers that watch Disney XD. On October 22, 2016, the (not-so) series finale, The Attack, aired on Disney XD, with a cliffhanger ending that is yet to be resolved. A lot of fans were disappointed that the series had ended on a cliffhanger, and so, the series must be continued somewhere else where it can run at least for one more season. Here are a few reasons why this show should be moved over to another network for its second season:

  • It has potential on another network. Disney XD is mostly for animation now, but only a few live-action shows (Mech X-4, Lab Rats, Mighty Med, Zeke & Luther, Pair of Kings, and Kickin' It) have lived up to its potential, with an amazing cast, great plots, humor, action, and views on the world.
  • There could be more to explore with the show on another network. The Elite Force could visit another world or parallel universe, have more action scenes, funnier humor, plots that can be explored more in detail, and other things. Also, there should be more training scenes in the second season that shows the Elite Force training their bionics/superpowers.
  • There could be more villains. In the first season, it only focused on the shapeshifter family (Roman and Riker, Rodissiius, Reese, etc.) trying to steal the superhero list to eliminate the superheroes and the Elite Force. Also, there was only Scarlett, Mrs. Ramsey, and Petey for villains in the first season. In season two, we could have a main antagonist that is bent on destroying the Elite Force from the inside (a good reference would be the villain Baron Zemo from Captain America: Civil War) while also being a very serious and dark villain, but would be disguised so no one would know who he is (and it has to be a new villain; no bringing back Krane unless absolutely necessary, however, Marcus could return sometime in this season). And the villain could also be focused on the "no world domination" scenario, which has rarely been explored lately in superhero television shows. If the shapeshifter arc has to end somewhere so the team can get back the list of superheroes, this should be done in a television film or the season two premiere, so the new villain can make way into the show. Finally, the new villain could have a dark or intense backstory to make his motives more likeable with critics and audiences.
  • New characters and guest stars. The first season introduced many, but not a lot, new characters into the series. Bob from Lab Rats made a great comeback into the series for just one episode. Perry returned for a recurring role in the second half of the season. However, the show needs a lot more characters introduced in the second season. Adam and Leo from the original show could make a great comeback for either a guest appearance or a recurring appearance (however, Leo would most likely fit the role of a recurring appearance since Spencer Boldman is moving on to bigger things). Daniel could make a guest or recurring appearance on the show as well, seeing as how he was only on Lab Rats for three episodes.
  • There should be a episode with a TV-PG or TV-14 rating. This could be where there are more intense action scenes or going more into someone's backstory.

Overall, Lab Rats: Elite Force deserves its second season, as it is a big hit with many Disney Fans.