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Have the Sleepy Hollow televsion show be picked up by a new network.

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The Sleepy Hollow television series made its' debut on the FOX television network on September 16, 2013. The show provided a fresh spin on Washington Irving's "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" short story. In the show, Ichabod Crane served in the colonial army under the command of General George Washington. Crane was part of a secret task force, whose purpose was to battle supernatural forces. In addition, through Crane's backstories, we learn that famous historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross and others were also key figures in the fight against the supernatural. Like in Irving's short story, Crane's nemesis was the Headless Horseman. In the show however, unlike the short story, Crane and the Horseman meet their demises at the hand of one another, forming a bond between the two which ultimately results in the pair being resurrected and transported through time into current day Sleepy Hollow, New York. The Horseman immediately begins to terrorize the modern day town, while Crane meets and befriends a member of the local Sheriffs's department, Lt. Abbie Mills. The two discover that they have been pre-destined to battle evil together as "witnesses". And so the story begins.

Sleepy Hollow became a bonafide hit during it's first season. It's fresh take on a legendary tale struck a chord with viewers and the show proved to be quite unique, standing out from the glut of medical, law, and reality themed shows on the air. Sleepy Hollow was augmented by stellar performances from Tom Mison as Crane and Nicole Beharie as Mills, as well as a wonderful supporting cast, led by award winning actor John Noble as Henry Parish. The future of the show looked very bright indeed.

Unfortunately, beginning with season two, and continuing throughout the remainder of Sleepy Hollows' run, the show was badly mishandled by the producers and writers. It appeared as though the success of the show had taken them by surprise. They were unprepared, with no concrete plans for an ongoing main storyline, for the show to proceed beyond the first season. As the show progressed through season two, it seemed as though the writers were simply "winging it" from week to week. What little main storyline the writers did provide moved along at a snails pace, with the writers choosing to focus on the heroes defeating a lesser "demon or monster of the week" rather than advancing, or contributing to, the main storyline. In addition, also beginning with season two, the writers made the critical mistake of all but writing the Headless Horseman out of the show. The legendary Horseman was the main reason that many viewers tuned in to watch the show in the first place, and he was easily one of the primary features of the show from the viewers standpoint. Yet the writers elected to simply have the Horseman make only a handful of guest appearances throughout the final three seasons. To make matters worse, the writers presented viewers with an array of arch villains who were portrayed to be almighty gods and all powerful supernatural beings, but who were relatively easily dispatched by our heroes, on a routine basis, without truly unharnessing any powers befitting of deities. Finally, the producers mishandled the character of Abbie Mills and Henry Parish. Throughout the first season, Mills was seen as Crane's equal. But as the show progressed, her importance dwindled perpetually to the point where she was more of a sidekick to Crane rather than a partner. This dismantled the chemistry between Crane and Mills and ultimately led to Nicole Beharie leaving the show following season three. Parish, though much older in appearance, was in fact Cranes' son. He also happened to be the Horseman Of War. Parish was killed off at the end of season 2, yet appeared in numerous odd sequences both in the dreamworld and the real world two seasons later. One second Parish was pure evil, intent on destroying everything good in the world, and the next second he was performing beneficial acts in the name of freedom. The writers seemed incapable of deciding what to do with Parish or even whether or not to keep the character in the show. As a result of all of the above, the show steadily lost viewership following it's very successful first season. FOX attempted a partial reboot of the show, in it's fourth season, in an attempt to recapture it's lost fanbase. The shows' location was moved from Sleepy Hollow to Washington D.C. and the entire cast was replaced, with the exception of Mison, Noble, and Lyndie Greenwood who portrayed Abbie's sister Jenny. Unfortunately, the producers and writers followed their exact same missteps that had plagued them during the previous two seasons and, as a result, the show continued to lose traction during season four with FOX ultimately announcing that it was cancelling the show on May 9, 2017.

Sleepy Hollow was a surprise hit during it's first season. It's premise was both unique and fun, and the cast was wonderful. The show developed a large fan base and had the potential to be a staple of FOX's lineup for many years to come. Unfortunately, the show's writers and producers proved to be incapable of maintaining the script/storyline quality displayed during the inaugural season, ultimately causing the demise of the show. The purpose of this petition is to convince another network or content production company including, but certainly not limited to Netflix, Hulu, Syfy, or Amazon to gain control of the Sleepy Hollow show and to give it the proper attention and detail that it deserves so that it may reach it's untapped potential and regain it's place as one of todays' hit shows. The show lost viewership during the poorly handled seasons 2-4, however, there remains a loyal fanbase of "Sleepyheads" as well as large number of viewers who gave up on the show, due to the poor management of the show by FOX, but who would return should the show be picked up by another network and returned to it's former glory. Should the show be picked up by another network or content production company, we the fans would require that Tom Mison reprise his role as Ichabod Crane. Mison's portrayal of Crane is beloved by the fans and he is simply irreplaceable in the role.

Please don't let it be a world without Sleepy Hollow. Please sign the petition!!!!!

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