Girl meets world reboot

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Long time no see, right? I’m not talking about me personally, of course, I’m talking about someone fighting for a GMW renewal.

It’s probably pointless, but I honestly miss Girl Meets World more than I thought, and I need their life advice more than ever. I’m not looking for another season on Disney - I think the actors are too mature for that now, and they can do better than Disney Channel. Maybe it can be called something else, set in College, or, Senior Year of High School. Just something!

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu all have the power of possibly making this happen. I know it’s way more complicated than just picking up a show, but maybe if they can see we haven’t given up, we could make a difference! 

Girl Meets World changed the lives of many, including my own. Despite, at first, taking the show as a two-dimensional love triangle (that I admittedly loved and craved), upon rewatching several times I can truly say I’ve changed my own life, and my own views on life based on the messages this show presented. Let’s show Netflix - and all the other possible producers - that we care! I personally plan on taking this petition (once substantially signed) to Netflix and other companies such as Hulu. 

If you made it all this way with my rambling, I applaud you. If not, it doesn’t matter, please just vote! 

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