Get Back Kevin Spacey to House of Cards! Give him his Movie Back! His Emmy Back!

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First and foremost, this petition is in no way denying those who came forward with these sexual assault allegations to practice their right to speak out and be heard! Each and every one of them has indeed been heard and their terrible experience has been acknowledged. And I'm pretty sure that every Kevin Spacey's fan out there is hoping that all those involved in these godless allegations will find the peace they're longing for.

However, a man's career is being derailed, his reputation is being transitioned and his life is being destroyed completely in the midst of these faithless allegations. Up to this point, only one police investigation has been instigated in the UK to examine these accusations and nothing has been proven yet. None of these allegations have been shown to be true yet Kevin Spacey has already suffered their immense repercussions. The media has clearly been focused and targeted on entertaining as many claims and alleged cases as possible, some of which might even be undeniably senseless. Several men have claimed that they've been groped in bars or TV SETS right in front of everyone yet, for some unknown reason, they didn't have the courage to defend themselves? Others have witnessed these proclaimed acts during the production of his latest TV Series and no one dared to say a single word or take actions these past 6 years? Those who have accused him have actually failed at standing up for themselves against acts that almost everyone and anyone is subjected to when being in a bar or attending a party? 

Sexual Assault is a crime that is punishable by Law. And I'm proud of all the women who went forward with the Harvey Weinstein case because that man was in a position of power of great significance, being a huge producer making all the calls, that gave him the means to be the sexual predator that he is. And that was a revolutionary step forward for Hollywood but we cannot evaluate each separate case in the same exact manner. It isn't fair to regard Kevin Spacey as Harvey Weinstein when the two men are very different and their circumstances are not alike. The mass majority, not all, of these allegations, are actions that can be described as regular behavior conducted by adults in adult situations. Yet the need to associate them to sexual assault is on its own, despicable. 

Hollywood has already decided to turn its back on Kevin Spacey and obliterate his legacy without giving it a second thought! He's being fired from networks, replaced in movies he already shot and denied a chance to exist as the artist that he is!!! It's heartbreaking how someone's life can be demolished by vile words that have no ground nor depth!

People are horrified as to why he came out as Gay in his apology not knowing that he had no other option. A new article came out on the 6th of November 2018 with photos of Kevin Spacey and a younger model dating back in 2000. He knew this would happen, that people would start digging into his past so he wanted the courtesy of admitting that he was gay before the media did! Yet, somehow, people in the media deliberately twisted his words into something ugly and horrid which couldn't be further from the truth!!

Legally, Kevin Spacey shouldn't be fired from House of Cards as there isn't a moral clause in his contract!! Meaning he cannot be removed from the show over the sexual allegations circling his name. The following link as an article explaining this matter in further detail .. 

We're conducting this petition to give this man a second chance. A chance for the redemption he's seeking. To allow all those involved in this mess to heal. To wait for actual proof before deeming Kevin Spacey guilty of such outrageous and horrific crimes. To not push him to his breaking point and to be reminded of all the good he has ever done.  To not crucify him for a mistake that might have happened over 30 years ago. Please allow him back to House of Cards to end the show in Grace. Give him his Emmy back because whatever contribution he made to celebrate ART cannot be denied! Don't Erase him for his latest movie, keep him and give him the chance he deserves at the Oscars race because his performance might actually be worthy of a nomination!! Stop Shunning him because he doesn't deserve the cruelty he's facing these days! Let us not destroy a transcending talent like Kevin Spacey because he deserves a chance. Please sign this petition with us.