Encourage Netflix to create Irish language content

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Netflix currently creates original content for almost every country its service is provided in. Examples include Sex Education for England, Dark for Germany, La Casa de las Floras for Mexico and various well known shows for their wider American audience. The Republic of Ireland however has not yet been included in this as the country has received no original content made by the country or for the country. As part of this I would greatly like to see Netflix provide Irish content and with this, a majority of content in the country’s first official language of Irish. With the island of Ireland’s population being 6.5 million and there also being 36.9 milliom Americans of Irish descent, Irish language content would most definitely be popular. With Brexit on the horizon, it would also make sense for Netflix Ireland to separate from NetflixUK and become its own separate entity which would in turn put the focus on providing Irish language content instead of English content.