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Bring Beautiful Creatures 2 to Netflix

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Beautiful Creatures - The film was released on February 14, 2013. The film received mixed to average reviews and was a box office disappointment. 

I have a belief that Netflix will be able to carry this show under its wing and be able to capture the hearts of fans who have avidly followed Beautiful Creatures books and moive which was released 2013. The Witches of East End and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, They have successfully been able to remaster Daredevil in a way that was cinematically stunning and appropriate. If anyone can bring out this show's true potential, Netflix certainly can.

This is an emotionally charged, moody, and atmospheric that is very reminiscent of how fiction was in the 90's and early 00's, before Twilight came along. By that, I mean it is full of quirky, average, outcast-type characters who drive the plot line along through their unique and easily pictured personalities.Overall, Beautiful Creatures is tied with Mortal Instruments as my favorite YA series of all time. If you want to get lost in a story with vivid characters and powerful imagery with meaning. The ending clearly indicates there will be a sequel, or there BETTER be one! I kept trying to guess how to solve it, but I didn't get it till the end. Basically this is a story of a boy who loves a girl but it's with the extra touch of magic. 

Beautiful Creatures was signed by Little, Brown, and Company for a four-book series, the Caster Chronicles, with the follow-up books titled:
Beautiful Darkness, Book 2 – published October 12, 2010
Beautiful Chaos, Book 3 – published October 18, 2011
Beautiful Redemption, Book 4 – published October 23, 2012

The first movie was dramatically left with such an incredible cliffhanger - something that Netflix can surely successfully play with. I am in hopes that this will raise awareness and gain some sort of backing as I am sick and tired of seeing movies that have immense legitimacy not carry on with the sequels & cancelled before their potentials are even seen. If you watch Beautiful Creatures on Netflix, a 4-star rating. I hope that this doesn't get ignored!

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