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Bring back King of the Hill

Hank Hill taught us all so much, from the importance of clean burning fuels & tank wipe health and safety (Head to feet, don't cause a leak. Feet to head, we're all dead.) to proper lawn maintanence and child-rearing. The man is an inspiration to all men born with narrow 'uritees', diminshed glutes and a weird sexual fetish for propane just trying to be the best dang assistant managers they can be... To take this away from future generations is wrong, IT'S WRONG! Could you live with yourself netflix, could you? With a generation of kids that just 'aint right?


/********* Quick serious-ish note ********\

I love King of the Hill and it being removed from netflix may lead me to cancel my account (no this isn't drastic, it's that damn good!). Do i think this petition will really do anything... nope. But at least it's away of quantifying people with same desire to see it back (which through forums i know are plenty) so i can at least prove my point when i contact them. Any way.... sign dang it!

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