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Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Revival

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The anime was never finished. Myself and countless fans have been waiting a decade for a season 2 and for the ending of the series to be an amazing ending. 

The 1st season ends on volume 11 (Which isn't even half of the manga series. (Close, but not even) 

This is my favorite "Slice of life." anime of all time. There's not a single anime that satisfies my needs but this one. I was 12 when it was discontinued in 07 (Come on I knew it wasn't going to get another season by 2008. Funimation discontinues it and I'm like "WTF, now you're on my shit list." 

SERIOUSLY! We deserve to see BECK come back and end THE RIGHT WAY! 

So I say we have NETFLIX stream it with Harold Sakuishi behind it. Too many shows go on un-completed. 

Please don't let BECK be one of them! 

(DUBBED and SUBBED with the original voice actors.) 



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