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Stop the child labor in the cocoa plants in west Africa and the low wages

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My name is Piyush Das. I have been doing research about child labor and want to make sure everyone can work in decent conditions. I have been doing my research mainly on child labor in Nestle. Nestle has been accused of child labor in foreign businesses such as cocoa plants in Ivory Coast and the fishing industry where you get cat food from in Thailand. Many articles talk about how children work seven to eight hours a day earning 20 cents a day and 73 dollars a month.  This is barely enough money to buy food everyday and this makes it even worse for the children working. In, “By independently disclosing that Nestlé’s customers had unwillingly bought products contaminated by the very worst labor abuses, the company said it was moving into a new era of self policing of its own supply chains. A year-long investigation by the company confirmed in editor reports that the seafood industry in Thailand and that slave riddles with forced labor and human trafficking and that was labor involved in the production of cat food. “ Nestle  should prosecute these bosses and send them to trial because this is no way to treat any humans. Also in, “Researches from the Fair Labor association who was commissioned by nestle, to investigate workers rights on its West African plants in 2013 amid international pressure found child labor at 7 percent of the farms visited.” Nestle should make sure no child in any of nestle's foreign plants should ever have to work in these conditions. It’s not fair and every child deserves a fair start in life. Nestle should raise wages in foreign plants, prosecute the bosses who are doing this, and remove all child labor because no child deserves to work in these conditions since it is an abuse of human rights, children should be able to get an education instead of having to work, and raising the wages can improve people’s livelihoods.

To begin with, one reason nestle should raise wages, prosecute the bosses who mistreat their workers, and stop child labor is because no child deserves to work in these conditions because it is an abuse of human rights. The United Nations in 2015 made 17 SDG goals to solve all of the world problems. One of the goals, goal #8 is decent work and economic growth that focuses on the issue of child labor, working conditions, and decent wages. In nestle many of the local people in foreign countries put people in harsh working conditions with long hours and very little pay. An example of this is in the Ivory Coast in cocoa plants where children were abused. In “In court documents, three plaintiffs claim that they were trafficked from their homes in neighboring West African countries and put to work in plantations in Ivory Coast. They described how they were whipped beaten, and forced to work for fourteen hours a day before retiring to dank, dark rooms without any windows to rest. One plaintiff, referred to the case of John Doe the second recounted how guards would cut open the feet of any child caught trying to escape.” This is child trafficking and people who are responsible for this should be tried and be sent to jail. Also in Thailand child labor was going on. In, “A year long investigation by the company confirmed media reports that the seafood industry in Thailand was riddled with forced labor and human trafficking in the production of the Fancy Feast cat food brand. “ I know that nestle does not promote this, but local people in those countries and many of those bosses there are responsible for this problem and they should like I said earlier be prosecuted. So this is one reason nestle should stop child labor and prosecute the bosses who abuse human rights.

Additionally, another reason Nestle should raise wages, stop child labor, and prosecute the bosses is because children are not getting an education so they can’t move on and have to stay in this terrible life. The U.N has another SDG goal called Quality education. Children can’t go to school in many countries in many countries because they have to work to support their families and usually they work long hours getting abused and the working conditions are awful.  In, “Ibrahim tells us that he was born in Mali. He moved with his father when he was little. He’s not exactly sure how old he was and he’s been working ever since. What about school” No he says, he’s never been to school.” There are many boys like Ibrahim who cannot go to school because they have to work to support their families. There are actually benefits if these children get an education. For example, if they get an education they could work for nestle in higher positions. They could think about ideas on how to replace the manual labor with robots. Nestle could possibly grow bigger than it already is. Otherwise, these children’s lives will never be better and without an education you can’t go anywhere in your life.

Lastly, if nestle raises wages for people working in these harsh conditions they can improve their livelihood. Many of the people working in the cocoa plants in West Africa work long hours a day and earn very little pay. They can’t live normally because they have to worry about getting enough money to have food in their stomachs. In the article, “The consequences of price violator, together with increasing production costs, are economic insecurity and impoverishment for millions of cocoa farmers. Despite forecasts that the demand for cocoa will rise nearly 20 percent in the coming years and the increasing revenues for chocolate companies, many farmers cannot cover their living costs anymore. With limited income and lack of information on market developments, the cocoa farmers and their families are the losers in the chocolate industry.” People don’t even have any money to support themselves even how do you expect they can support a family. Even in some of the cocoa plants children are being forced to work as slaves with no pay. They can’t move on with their lives and will be stuck like this working. Even raising the wages a little bit can make a big difference because families could be able to at least feed themselves which is important.

In conclusion, nestle should raise wages, stop the child labor, and prosecute people who mistreat the workers because no child deserves to work in these conditions because it is an abuse of human rights, children are unable to get an education, and raising wages can help people better support their families. Human rights are important because everyone is equal in the world no matter who they are. If children get an education they can move on in their lives. Raising wages just a little bit makes a big difference and could save a family from starvation. If this is solved then it can make a huge impact on some of the world issues. 

                                                                                                      By, Piyush Das

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