Make Effective Animal Welfare Law in Nepal

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This morning I saw a video in Facebook, some soldiers hitting an innocent street dog infront of the public that the dog passed out in an open road where there were vehicles passing by!! I couldn’t finish the vide because that sight already took a toll on me that I had a headache and almost threw out. This is extremely horrible and upsetting!!! How could those people who call themselves savior of the nation possibly do such sadistic thing?! Some were holding a shot gun against this poor dog!! 

I don’t know if this petition is going to work but I believe the social network media is hell of a strong that can turn the whole world upside down. Rather than making silly videos viral, please make this one viral so that no other innocent animals on the street are treated inhumanly like this and that dog’s suffering in the video can bring change in Nepal. Nepal government should bring out a law to support Animal Welfare!!!! 

Please check the link I have pasted here and share worldwide!!!