No VIP sawari in Nepal

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We don't want VIP sawari in Nepal. This is just too much and we should unite to solve this problem. Even the politicians are Nepali citizen and should travel like a citizen. In the name of VIP sawari, more than 3 Arab rupees is spent. It is the money of Nepalese tax payer and shouldn't be wasted on this abuse. It is not helping in development of the country as well. It is just wasting the time of the Nepalese citizen which would have been more productive than Government official reaching home/work faster. Citizen are being made to wait several minutes just for them to pass. In recent video, one vehicle even hit the scooter in the same of VIP sawari which is completely unacceptable. Let's reunite to bring a change in our country. Dhanyabad.

VIP should also ride like a normal citizen. Emergency priorities should only be given to ambulances. I don't think they are in such a hurry that they have to hit people on the way aswell.

I started this petition because...
There is several incident happening in Nepal regarding this issue and this time VIP vehicle hit a scooter and ran away. There is a video on internet going viral. More than 2 crores tax payers money is being spent monthly for this VIP sawari service. I think Nepal will run properly without VIP sewari. Thank you